• Real Estate Investor


    If you've ever considered investing in residential real estate Cambridge,
    Kitchener or Waterloo, these are MUST ATTEND event.

    Find out what the pro's know and hope you'|I never learn!


    • How you can buy an investment property in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo, with Great Returns

    • How you can break into the investment business with nearly zero risk!

    • How you can create HUGE Income without taking time out of your busy day. This means no rehabs, no fixing up trashy homes and no tenant headaches! This program eliminates not only risk but management problems as well!

    Learn how to break into the investors market with no fear of losing money. Get access to a turn­key system that will find you the best properties for at Ieast $20,000 below market value. You will get access to several homes before they even come up on the open market! Available exclusively to seminar attendees.

    There is no more need for looking at all ofthe old, tired listings that nobody else wanted to purchase.

    Find out how professional investors create financial wealth
    without putting down all their money!

    Low money down financing programs are available to nearly anyone these days! Learn from the best and do it right the first time. The biggest factor for making huge profits in real estate often lies within the acquisition. You will learn the 9 step system to acquiring a home under the best terms and price. This secret is only known by the most profitable investors and we will "spill the beans" at our next seminar!

    Most attendees are incredibly surprised at just how easy it is to find the best "pre­-screened" investments which represent values of
    $20,000 to $40,000 below market value. You too can learn the real estate investing secrets on finding the best deals.

    1. How to buy investment properties with little money down
    2. Where to find Distress Sales & Bank Foreclosures
    3. Securing financing with less than perfect credit
    4. Turn key system to profit over 200% Return in Investment
    5. Learn the "real" way to flip homes and why the stuff on TV doesn't work
    6. Attracting tenants who will gladly give you $5,000 - $20,000 up front
    7. Understanding Purchase Contracts and Leaselown contracts
    8. Developing a business plan for your investment portfolio
    9. Understanding the "SNOWBALL" effect of starting small and eventually owning a huge portfolio of homes.
    10. Understanding the risk and reward with "flipping" as compared to "buy and hold"
    11. And much, much more!

    Best of all, vou can start bv having iust one or two nice, single family
    investment homes and locking in tens of thousands of dollars in profit.

    Perhaps you have always wanted to invest, but didn’t know where to start. That is fairly normal with nearly ALL new investors. Understand that this is natural. It is called the fear of the unknown. You’ll find it very easy to start acquiring nice homes after attending this free seminar. Remember, you can start this wealth snowball with just one nice home and we will show you the way. Best of all, we can eliminate ALL of your fears about investing. The key is knowledge! What you don't know CAN hurt you!

    If you are interested in attending and learning how to make a HUGE income in real estate investing please till out the form and get your name on the list. We will send you an email confirmations with available dates. If the next seminar is fully booked, we will notify you immediately and add your name to the next scheduled date. You will also receive email reminders as the training seminar date approaches.

    P.S. This seminar is free of charge and with no obligation to ever
    invest in real estate. Register now to reserve your seat!

    All registrants understand that they do NOT have a seat reserved unless they receive contirmation. The seminar producers reserve the right to decline admission to any party that they feel shou|dn't attend.